Our Accomplishments

Support our Wounded Warriors by purchasing our children's book (for ages 3-6), "Footsie and Lunko find a home."

GAMT is committed to donating profits from the sale of the book to the Fisher House Foundation.

You can purchase as an English, Spanish or French version, as an eBook or paperback on Amazon by visiting Footsie & Lunko's website at FootsieandLunko.com.

Every year (except for election year 2012) GAMT has sponsored one or more fund-raising events in the Washington DC area. The proceeds from these events go to an organization in need.

Organizations which have benefited in the past from GAMT's partnerships are:

  • Provided rain ponchos and school supplies to the children of Westlawn Elementary School, Falls Church VA in collaboration with the Fairfax Partnerships for Youth.
  • Provided care packages to our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, in collaboration with McLean Bible Church (MBC).
  • Supported training programs for children with special learning needs to reduce illiteracy in poor communities, in collaboration with KBC Learning International, a non-profit organization.
  • Provide assistance to local health community clinics in rural areas, in collaboration with the New Community Project (NCP), a non-profit organization.
  • Supported the eradication of POLIO, a world-wide Rotary International mission.
  • Continuing to expand a local clinic in San Isidro, Honduras.